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What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is one of the most healthy, economical and environmentally friendly ways to eat! This is a wonderful option for both farmer and consumer. As a consumer, you purchase a membership - or share - from the farm each year prior to the start of the season. The farmers can then plan their fields more efficiently, knowing that they have a market for everything that is grown! This allows the farmer to be highly diversified, usually planting over one hundred varieties of vegetables and fruits, to provide a well balanced, nourishing diet for the farm's members. Likewise, the members are encouraged to be adventurous, by learning to eat what's in season and trying whatever is available on any given week.

Usually the farmers and members agree ahead of time on a general guide to what will be provided (for a list of Old Plank Farm's 2018 crops, see our CSA Vegetable Harvest Graph). As a member, you will receive about 35 different crops throughout the entire growing season. Weekly amounts for all shares will vary as the season progresses. Weather and other seasonal factors will determine exactly what you receive, making the variability of each year an adventure that we will all share.

At Old Plank Farm, organic and sustainable methods are used to grow our produce. Because we encourage members to have a personal relationship with the farm, we feel that mutual trust is sufficient for guaranteeing good farming practices, which eliminates the need for government certification and keeps costs lower than organic food at a retail store. While the specific model of CSAs originated fairly recently (around 1985), the idea of getting food from your neighbors is as old as agriculture, and is well worth preserving. 

We want you to be a part of the Old Plank Farm CSA this season! Click here to read details about our 2018 share options.

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CSA Sign-Up

Our 2018 CSA sign-up season is now open! Sign up early to fill out our pre-season vegetable preferences survey.