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The Farm Story

The Old Plank Farm Story, by Stephanie Bartel  

I have a half dozen different answers to the all too common question of why did I start my own farm. And they are all true. Because for me there wasn’t one great, shining moment that made me want to be the owner of a small vegetable farm in Plymouth, Wisconsin. “So that I can play ice hockey all winter,” is one answer. Another is “because I love plants…because I want to be part of the agricultural revolution…because I was so surprised when farm credit approved my farmland loan that I thought ‘well, I’d better get to it!’”  

Regardless, in 2008 the seed that became Old Plank Farm was planted in my mind, after having worked at several other vegetable farms around Wisconsin.  It was a bit of a challenge to find a piece of land on which to plant that seed, but after some searching a little place on the edge of Plymouth came to my attention. It was twenty-five acres of abandoned farmland and had a well, two trailers, a barn and a garage. What more could anyone want? It was a perfect fit for a young entrepreneur. With the help of the young beginning farmer loans offered by Badgerland Farm Credit, I purchased the land in January 2009, moved in to one of the trailers, and sold 20 CSA shares. I was then 23 years old. The south edge of the farm is bordered by County Road C, to the west is Woodlawn Cemetery, to the east is a small patch of woods, and to the north is the Old Plank Road Trail. This is where the first seed of Old Plank Farm was planted.  

Now, nine seasons later, Old Plank Farm is a thriving 250-member CSA farm with more than ten acres in vegetable production, three greenhouses for season extension, and a half-acre compost yard that helps to regenerate our topsoil and heal the land.  I am accompanied by a wonderful team of young people who are eager to contribute to the success of this farm. Our highly diversified vegetable gardens are tended using organic and sustainable farming practices. I, along with many friends, family members, neighbors, travelers, and seasonal helpers, have worked tirelessly the last seven years to help Old Plank Farm grow into a healthy, energetic, and resilient farm and business. And this is just the beginning of the story... 

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