Old Plank Farm

"Thanks for all the hard work, diverse veggies, email info, organized process and the HEALTHY FOOD EXPERIENCE!"

"We are delighted with each and every weekly box of veggies we get from you.  We have never eaten better."

"I am definitely healthier and happy because you are my farmer!"

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Meet the Farmers

Stephanie Bartel

Stephanie is the founder of Old Plank Farm and has been its fearless leader for nine seasons. Her main role presently is managing crop production and whole-farm planning. She's fortunate to have an excellent team of workers to help accomplish the wide variety of tasks necessary to grow and distribute the farm's produce. Her favorite task is harvesting cabbage.

Angelica Immel

Now in her fourth season at Old Plank Farm, Angelica is primarily managing our CSA program in 2017. Her persistent work ethic, positive attitude, and natural leadership skills make her a perfect fit for our team. She'll be leading our weekly harvests, as well as coordinating the CSA boxing and deliveries this season. Angelica's favorite farm tasks are weeding the carrot seedlings, and picking peas or beans. 

Sammi Laswell

Sammi started at Old Plank Farm in 2012, the year of the drought, and the most challenging year for us so far. She's as tough as they come, and she wasn't scared off by that difficult year...even though she was pregnant then, too! Now Sammi works here part-time, doing whatever needs to be done in the fields. When she's not at Old Plank Farm, Sammi is working on her own urban homestead in Sheboygan and taking care of her 4-yr-old daughter Finnleigh.

Ryan Laswell

Sammi's husband Ryan works full-time at Nourish, but still manages to come out and help at Old Plank Farm in his free time. In 2017 he'll be part of the harvest crew, as well as leading tours of the farm during our on-farm events. He's dedicated to the local food movement and he actually enjoys public speaking...a real asset for this farm!

Cassandra M.

Even though organic farming may not be her passion, we all enjoy Cassandra's good help on harvest days. When asked why she works at Old Plank Farm, she replied, "because it's across the street from my house!" She's lively, hard-working, and honest too. Back for her third season in 2017.

CSA Sign-Up

Our 2018 CSA sign-up season is now open! Sign up early to fill out our pre-season vegetable preferences survey.