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The Five Senses of Fall

Posted 10/4/2018 1:44pm by Stephanie Bartel.


All my favorite sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings seem to come around in the fall in Wisconsin. I love the colors of the leaves changing on our trees that surround the farm fields. My favorite sounds are the geese calls overhead; we listen to them fly by on their way south when we are out in the field each day. The best feeling of all is warm sun on my face in the morning while picking the last of the summer fruits. The sun's warmth takes the chill out of my body from the early morning cold better than any number of sweaters and hats can do.
And who can argue with the delicious smells and tastes that come from the kitchen on a dark fall evening? Hot apple sauce on the stove top and delicata squash roasting in the oven (don't forget to roast the seeds, too!). Yes, nothing beats fall in Wisconsin. And nothing beats working in the vegetable fields in the fall. Of course, it's not without it's challenges, the cold and damp weather being the main test of our strength!
It's been a pretty good season at Old Plank Farm, and we are nearly to the end of the outdoor harvests. Our last three CSA deliveries will likely consist of storage staples like potatoes and squash, along with fall brassicas like cabbage and brussels sprouts, and a few other treats like arugula, leeks and maybe some salad mix finally. Other than a shortage of carrots, garlic, and salad mix, we've been happy with the end-of-season deliveries. My hope is to share the best parts of fall with all our Old Plank Farm CSA members. We'll provide the squash for roasting; we hope it adds to the joys that fall brings to you! Best wishes for a beautiful and productive October.
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