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Pizza Season is Here-What to Expect

Posted 7/12/2018 6:00pm by Stephanie Bartel.

It's Pizza Season at Old Plank Farm! We're celebrating our 10th Anniversary growing season with Friday Night Pizza open to the public every week from July 20th through September 21st, 4:30-8pm. Pizzas are cooked to order in our outdoor wood-fired oven. We use organic, non-gmo flour from Wisconsin, organic pizza sauce, local cheese, and our own organic vegetables. We aren't licensed to sell meat on our pizza, but you are welcome to bring your own pre-cooked meat topping if you want us to add it to any pizza you order. All pizzas are approximately 14" (hand-rolled) for $15. Cash or check only.

Pizza Night at Old Plank Farm is a great way to meet your farmers, visit your farm, enjoy farm vegetables, and have some outdoor family fun! You can bring picnic blankets (some picnic tables available too), any other picnic food you want with your meal, and any beverages. Water will be available.

We are full time vegetable farmers, and we're in the middle of a very dry season. When you come to the farm, expect to see both the challenges and the successes that the season brings us. Even in times of difficulty we want to share our farm with you, and celebrate the successes that come despite difficult conditions. We are grateful for every crop that our dry dry soil is able to give, and we look forward to a time when rain comes to us (maybe this weekend!! But maybe not...gotta love Wisconsin.). 

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CSA Sign-Up

Our 2018 CSA sign-up season is now open! Sign up early to fill out our pre-season vegetable preferences survey.