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Posted 8/23/2018 5:57pm by Stephanie Bartel.

While I do believe that Mother nature is the ultimate mathematician (there are lots of great books out there on the subject of math in nature!),  I can't help but feel that Mother Nature's veggie-plant math doesn't always add up.

I'm thinking about our sungold cherry tomatoes, which are a highlight of our CSA boxes this month. When we planted the cherry tomatoes this year, we decided to put out almost twice as many as we planted last year. Last year's crop wasn't super, and we didn't give out as much as we hoped to. I wanted this year to be different. It sure is. We've already given out 3-4 times as much as we gave out the entire season last year. And they keep on producing more. We expect another double ration in the boxes next week. Sometimes I wonder if it is too much. I know for some people it is. But I think for most people it's been enjoyable to have a lot of these. I hope you can eat or share all your sungold cherries this season. They take a tremendous amount of time to pick, but we hope they are enjoyed by you, which makes it all worth it to us.

Another math puzzle for us this year is our cucumbers and zucchini. We actually planted a little bit less than last season of these staple crops...but have delivered much more this season than last season.

Mother Nature's math doesn't always work in our favor, either. We planted more carrots than last year, because we know they are farm member favorite. And yet, we've had hardly any to share with you so far. So it goes. I'll spend less time worrying about math and more time picking cherry tomatoes. And a few carrots, this week...hooray! 

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